Yesterday I think I might of stumbled upon something in the way of my gaming hobbies.

I have been trying to figure out if I am obsessed with the ‘Occult of the New’ or whether I am a ‘Plastic Addict’.  More than likely I am somewhere in the middle, depending on what it is that I am looking at.

However I will admit that when I look to buy something new, I look at a few critieria.

Cost – I tend to look at how much of a dent it will put in my pocket, and whether continued support of the product is achievable or if that will also put a strain on my wallet.  Single games with no expansions are a good one for this.  I also look at how much I get for my money as well (Miniatures, Boards,  terrain, components, etc.)

Compatibility – Can I use all or some of this game in other games.  An example of this is ‘Castle Ravenloft’ the Adventure board game and Dungeon Command (read one of my other posts about Dungeon Command) .

Following – Is this game well loved.  I read a load of reviews and tend to buy games months or even years after everybody else has jumped onto the cool train.

Miniatures – Now this is fast becoming the big one for me and I fell is becoming more and more important to the gaming community as a whole.  How many miniatures and how good are they.

However even after looking at the above I have noticed that I am leaning more and more into buying a game solely on the basis of how many minis are there and how useful are they too me in both this game and others.  Frostgrave is a good example of this mindset.  A nice simple game, only a few expansions to the rules , a huge line of miniatures, none of which are compulsory.  Lots of cheap generic miniatures as well.  For a box of 20 figures it will typically cost you between £16-20.

Another example might be the Zombicide franchise. a whole load of miniatures, however there are now a lot of expansions and a high price as well.  But I will admit for the number of miniatures it is probably more than worth it.

At a cheaper price point is Project Z. for around £30 you can pick up the core rules and about 40 miniatures, a bargain.

However out of all of these games how do they each stack up against the rest of the criteria.  At the moment I think the investment that I have made in these games is not a complete loss, as all of these games (except Project Z) are well established, well loved games.

I recently took a dive and jumped onto the 15mm bandwagon and bought ‘Flames of War’ and ‘Tanks’ primarily due to three criteria, Compatibility, Cost and Miniatures and I will admit I had a a lot of fun painting the miniatures.  I am also eager to play a few games of each and am already waiting for some extra tanks.


Even before the dust has settled my eyes are wandering onto what I can next buy.  I am already looking at Bolt Action, Konflict 47 and  Infinity and still thinking whether to get into Zombicide.

Its almost as though the actual act of playing these games is not as important too me as the act of buying them, opening them up, reading loads of reviews, watching a load of YouTube battle reports or play-throughs and painting the miniatures.  In the process of doing all of these things I am perhaps attempting to live and partake of my hobby as much as I can without actually jumping off the cliff into the waters below.

Maybe its because I am not a ‘Serious’ gamer.  I do not sit up all night working out how to min/max my 2500 point WH40k army.  I don’t read up on strategies or card combinations in order to win.  I just like to sit down and chat and play games.