Today I managed to tackle my German tanks for my Flames of War / Tanks miniature games.  I have been working on the allied infantry and also the german infantry as well, and I have also done a fair bit with the allied tanks too.

Originally I was going to go with a very basic concept of green for allied units and grey for the german units, and with this in mind I had originally undercoated the german tanks grey.  Then I decided to check google to see what they look like in general as far as other painters have done and whether grey was an acceptable colour.

In the end I decided to recoat them with desert basecoat (Beige Grey) and then attempt to add two colours into the camoflague paint scheme.

Below are the german tanks after braving the camoflague.

The next two photos are after a strong wash (Army Painter)

Now onto the allied tanks, which are a lot easier, but also more numerous….