So I recently decided to become an old war veteran and started to reminisce about the war (WW2).

Ok maybe not quite as bad as that, however I have recently bought two games, Flames of War – Open Fire and Tanks by GF9.

Here are some photos of the model tanks

I think that getting the two games is a worthwhile investment, in that the tanks from one game are usable in the other and vice versa. I have as yet to play either game, but must admit the mechanics seem to be very easy to understand.

Initially I never thought I would be interested in a game that used 15mm as its base, but can fully appreciate these games having a smaller footprint on the table.

Flames of War – Open Fire starter set is well worth the investment if you are looking for value for money and a good start in a game, just make sure that you get the latest version of the starter set as earlier versions are still in circulation and do not include the extra softback version of the Flames of war rules. The inclusion of cardboard terrain is also a fantastic idea, as you can literally play with what you have in the box.

With Gale Force Nine’s Tanks game you also get the same sort of value for money (but it is a much cheaper game) with everything you need in the box. You also get all of the cards needed for the initial release of planned tanks for the British, American, Russian and German forces. You also get more cardboard terrain, which I think is the same as in Open Fire, so can obviously be used for either game.

I need to spend some time playing both of these games and see the merits of playing each game for what they are, one a quick 30 minute style entry game (X-wing), the other aimed at longer sessions.

I have looked into the expansions for Tanks and believe that initially they are worth getting as a cheap way of expanding both games, especially for someone on a restricted budget (picking up a tank for anything between £5.50 and £7).