A few years back Wizards of the Coast made a game called Dungeon Command, unfortunately it was relatively short lived with minimal support and only a few infrequent expansions.

The game itself was a dice-less, card based skirmish game using large gaming tiles and prepainted themed miniatures.  Many people joked that it was the love child of ‘Magic the Gathering’ and ‘Dungeons & Dragons’.  Oddly enough though the combination of a skirmish game utilizing cards, removing the random element and turning the game into a battle of the cards in your hand and your wits made this game into a gem.

If you wanted to look at this game by pure physical value and not look at it as a game, then for the princely sum of between £17 and £23 you would get the following in each box, 12 prepainted miniature of various sizes, but always at least one large figure, 2 large double siding gaming tiles (Dungeon on one side, Wilderness on the other) and 2 smaller gaming tiles.  You would also get the cards used in the game suited to the faction in the box and a simple rules booklet. As an added bonus you would get a set of cards to allow you to use the miniatures in the D&D Adventure System board games (Castle Ravenloft, et al).  The miniatures can also be used for a fantasy roleplaying game session as well. Overall these factors alone make it a worthwhile purchase.

However, the game is honestly not that bad.  Ideally you would need to invest in two faction boxes (one for each player), but each box can be split into two half sized forces as each box comes with two commanders.  Setup and tear down is straight forward with the hardest part trying to get the miniatures back into the plastic molded storage tray after a game.

The game tiles themselves are also a great idea with a jigsaw cut along at least one edge to allow the boards to be set up in a multitude of ways.  These tiles are also compatible with the D&D adventure system which use the same jigsaw style cut to link up multiple tiles, which can then turn the skirmish into a tense tunnel fighting session.

Overall I think this game is a bargain and lots of fun too boot and one that I think if you can still find, should certainly add too your collection of games.