A while ago, I noticed this little game called Zombicide, but when looking at the price point and all of the expansions that were available already for it, I decided against getting it.

So I instead decided on getting a game called Project Z, a much cheaper price point, and also a game that was relatively new on the scene.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t necessarily dislike Project Z, however at present I have not actually sat down and attempted to play it.  I have, however had a lot of fun putting the miniatures together and painting them up.

Anyway after spending all that time painting the miniatures for Project Z, I had an opportunity to play a game of Zombicide – Black Plague during the UK Games Expo 2016 and was impressed with the simplicity of the mechanics and the shear number and quality of the miniatures.

Which is why I am now waiting to get hold of Zombicide (Not Black Plague). If I am going to get into this game, being the completionist that I am, I need to start at the beginning and work my way towards Black Plague.

However it makes me wonder if the route I took to get here was a waste of time and money.  Will the Project Z figures be compatible,  can I substitute them in as extras? Can I use the game tiles that come with Zombicide with Project Z (If I wanted too) or any other modern style miniatures games.

So yes, here I am waiting for Zombicide, and wondering if I will fall instantly in love with it, and it scratches that certain zombie itch, or whether it will become another dusty box on my shelf.