Over the last few months I have been working through painting a load of miniatures.  They are not exactly Golden Demon Award standard, but they are what I would consider game table ready.

Below is a photo of 5 of my Male Survivors for Project Z

Here is another photo of 5 of the male survivors

Here are the bikers

With the Male survivors and the bikers I actually painted them all at the same time employing a one paint pot at the time process of looking at each figure and deciding if there was need for that colour or not.  It took a bit of time and there were no immediate rewards in seeing one or two models painted before the rest, but once a few pots of paint had been used I could start too see certain colour schemes come through, and then all of a sudden I had 16 figures all painted, each one adding its own unique flavour and character too the group as a whole.

Here are the zombies

I took a totally different approach with the zombies, I had already undercoated them white, as I had with all of the Project Z figures, however, after painting some other unrelated figures with a red ink wash, I had a bit spare so I decided to try it out on the zombies, just too see what it would look like.  Within 30 minutes I had painted them all and was working on applying a second coat as well.  For the purposes of the game I think they are good enough, not spectacular, but give the definite impression of zombies.

And finally my Spec Ops guys

I thought working on the Spec Ops team would of been a bit of a challenge, as I have been very nervous about painting camouflage colours, but after a few google photos of british combat colours I was soon blitzing my way through them.

Overall I have enjoyed painting them and might even get around too playing the game one day as well.